tawa College

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LSM Lucas Murray Mr MLucas@tawacollege.school.nz Principal
ZSO Souness Tracey Mrs secretary@tawacollege.school.nz Principal's Secretary


Associate Principal
CSR Chester Robyn Mrs RChester@tawacollege.school.nz AssociatePrincipal: Yr 13


Deputy Principals
GAR Gale Richard Mr rgale@tawacollege.school.nz Deputy Principal: Yr 9
NSJ Nicholas Jules Mrs JNicholas@tawacollege.school.nz Deputy Principal: Yr 10
WEA West Anne Ms AWest@tawacollege.school.nz Deputy Principal: Yr 11


HYC Harvey Cecily Mrs CHarvey@tawacollege.school.nz Dean International 
HNK Hanson Katie Ms KCoghlan@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 9: English 
SLC Swallow Chris Mr CSwallow@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 9: PE
TTF Trappitt Fiona Ms FTrappitt@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 9: PE
HCO Hutchison Olwen Miss OHutchison@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 10: Mathematics
DEJ Doyle Jason Mr JDoyle@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 10: Mathematics 
BYL Boyd Laura Mrs LBoyd@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 10: Science 
DKS Dudek Samantha Miss SDudek@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 11 Psychology 
FOS Ford Sonya Ms Sford@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Food & Nutrition: Dean Yr 13
CAM Cameron Murray Mr MCameron@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 11: Music 
HMC Hamilton Cathy Ms CHamilton@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 11: Science 
WSK Wiltshire Kathy Ms KWiltshire@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 12: PE 
DAT Davies Tyron Mr TDavies@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 12: Science
BUR Burdan Martin Mr MBurdan@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 12: Senior Dean
LNL Lorenzen Lesley Ms LLorenzen@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 13: Legal Studies
PZK Paradza Kuda Mr KParadza@tawacollege.school.nz Dean Yr 13: Mathematics 


Heads of Department
AYS Avery Steve Mr SAvery@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Social Sciences
AVJ Avery Joanne Mrs JAvery@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Health, Wellbeing Dean
BRN Brown Nick Mr NBrown@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Drama 
CAM Cameron Murray Mr MCameron@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Music, Dean Yr 11 
CNS Conroy Steve Mr SConroy@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Languages 
EDM Edgecombe Mark Mr medgecombe@tawacollege.school.nz HOD English
EXS Ellix Sarah Miss SEllix@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Digital Technologies
FOS Ford Sonya Ms Sford@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Food & Nutrition: Dean Yr 13
FDD Foulds David Mr DFoulds@tawacollege.school.nz (Acting) HOD Digital Technologies
FRR Frampton Russell Mr RFrampton@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Technology
MCL MacEwan Lynley Mrs LMacEwan@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Mathematics
ROM Ross Marie Ms MRoss@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Art
RPR Redpath Ross Mr RRedpath@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Physical Education
RSA Roberts Alison Mrs aliroberts@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Learning Support
SNJ Swinden Julie Ms JSwinden@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Transition & Careers
STB Sturman Brian Mr BSturman@tawacollege.school.nz HOD Science 
VKS van Dyk Shona Ms svandyk@tawacollege.school.nz Acting HOD Commerce


COM Connor Mathieu Mr MConnor@tawacollege.school.nz Art
SZC Szabados Christine Ms CSzabados@tawacollege.school.nz Art
MNA Munro Andrew Mr amunro@tawacollege.school.nz Commerce 
BSM Burns Mike Mr MBurns@tawacollege.school.nz Commerce 
CTB Costello Brigid Ms BCostello@tawacollege.school.nz Dance 
ONS Overton Sonia Mrs soverton@tawacollege.school.nz Drama, English
GLN Gartell Nick Mr NGartell@tawacollege.school.nz English
WSA Witts Alastair Mr awitts@tawacollege.school.nz English
COR Cook Rose Ms RCook@tawacollege.school.nz English 
CTS Coats Stephanie Miss SCoats@tawacollege.school.nz English 
DCA Davies-Colley Anne Ms adaviescolley@tawacollege.school.nz English, Dance & Retail
RRA Roberts Angela Mrs ARoberts@tawacollege.school.nz English 
SHB Sheridan Belinda Mrs BSheridan@tawacollege.school.nz


MZE Maritz Elize Mrs emaritz@tawacollege.school.nz


BRL Brown Lesley Mrs LBrown@tawacollege.school.nz English 
TSM Thomas Mitch Mr MThomas@tawacollege.school.nz English
GYA Grey Aleisha Miss AGrey@tawacollege.school.nz English 
MSJ Mells Jo Miss jmells@tawacollege.school.nz English, French
BGM Brugh Megan Ms mbrugh@tawacollege.school.nz Food and Nutrition
GDK Gardner Kerri Miss kgardner@tawacollege.school.nz Food and Nutrition 
REA Reed Anna Mrs areed@tawacollege.school.nz  French
SKA Swank Angela Mrs ASwank@tawacollege.school.nz Guidance Counsellor
SAE Salem Edmund Mr ESalem@tawacollege.school.nz Guidance Counsellor
HAG Hall Gordon Mr GHall@tawacollege.school.nz IT
SVC Stevens Charlotte Ms cstevens@tawacollege.school.nz IT
YNS Yoon Shomi Mrs syoon@tawacollege.school.nz Japanese
SRJ Salter Jim Mr JSalter@tawacollege.school.nz French/ Social Sciences
MRT Mihaere Rees Tina Ms tmihaererees@tawacollege.school.nz Maori
NGD Ngatai Darell Mr DNgatai@tawacollege.school.nz Maori 
DRJ Dagger Jo Mrs JDagger@tawacollege.school.nz Mathematics
ENJ Engelbrecht Jenny Mrs JEngelbrecht@tawacollege.school.nz Mathematics
MFT McAuliffe Terry Mr TMcAuliffe@tawacollege.school.nz Mathematics
RED Rynne Declan Mr drynne@tawacollege.school.nz Mathematics
RYR Ryder Rebecca Miss rryder@tawacollege.school.nz Mathematics
RDJ Randell Judith Mrs JRandell@tawacollege.school.nz Mathematics
JNN Johnston Natalie Miss NJohnston@tawacollege.school.nz Mathematics 
NLA Neal Anna Ms Aneal@tawacollege.school.nz Media Studies 
BNC Casbolt Ben Mr BCasbolt@tawacollege.school.nz Music, IT, Food
SEI Stone Isaac Mr IStone@tawacollege.school.nz Music 
LGG Lodge Gemma Mrs GLodge@tawacollege.school.nz PE
SHM Smith Michaela Miss msmith@tawacollege.school.nz PE
GRA Grigg Aimee Ms AGrigg@tawacollege.school.nz PE 
PHC Pugh Chris Mr CPugh@tawacollege.school.nz PE 
KEG Keenan Greg Mr GKeenan@tawacollege.school.nz PE
PRM Parr Monica Ms MRoberts@tawacollege.school.nz PE 
SLC Swallow Chris Mr CSwallow@tawacollege.school.nz PE 
HLT Holt Tim Mr THolt@tawacollege.school.nz Physics
GEA Geary Alex   Mr AGeary@tawacollege.school.nz Science
HNC Harrington Catherine Mrs charrington@tawacollege.school.nz Science
MOC Monigatti Chris Mr CMonigatti@tawacollege.school.nz Science
HGK Hodgson Katy Ms KHodgson@tawacollege.school.nz Science
CSS Commins Stephanie Ms SCommins@tawacollege.school.nz Science
BGE Burge Elizabeth Miss EBurge@tawacollege.school.nz Science, Biology
CHM Church Mike Mr MChurch@tawacollege.school.nz Science, Physics
MGC McGuire Chris  Mr CMcGuire@tawacollege.school.nz Science, Chemistry
MRC Murray Charlotte Ms CMurray@tawacollege.school.nz SCT: Music/Japanese
CLE Clarke Eric Mr EClarke@tawacollege.school.nz Social Science
PRL Proctor Libby Miss lproctor@tawacollege.school.nz Social Science
PYD Pryde Derek Mr dpryde@tawacollege.school.nz Social Science
RER Roche Rebecca Miss rroche@tawacollege.school.nz Social Science
SUJ Struthers Julie Mrs jstruthers@tawacollege.school.nz Social Science
LXR Lomax Ruth Ms RLomax@tawacollege.school.nz Social Science, Classics 
SYC Sibley Chris Mr CSibley@tawacollege.school.nz Social Sciences 
LRA Leader Alice Miss aleader@tawacollege.school.nz Social Sicence
BSE Barnes Emily Miss ebarnes@tawacollege.school.nz Technology
CTF Christie Fraser Mr FChristie@tawacollege.school.nz Technology
FTR Frost Ryan Mr rfrost@tawacollege.school.nz Technology
ESM Ewens Michelle Mrs mewens@tawacollege.school.nz Transition 
MSR Mirams Rosemary Mrs rmirams@tawacollege.school.nz Transition, Childcare
RBC Robb Cheryl Mrs CRobb@tawacollege.school.nz Transition/Gateway
BNC Casbolt Ben Mr BCasbolt@tawacollege.school.nz Music, IT, Food